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Feature rich - go create!

Clean is a carefully crafted Shopify theme, which automatically changes its layout for mobile, tablet and desktop computers, ensuring every customer gets an awesome shopping experience, regardless of the device they are using.

No coding needed

Easy to use theme settings allow complete control over your content, with comprehensive options for colours, backgrounds, typography, product layout and homepage management.

Responsive layouts, for all devices

Responsive coding - re-size your browser now to see the layout change dynamically.

Homepage options


It doesn't get much better than this - tailor your homepage to suit your store. Add rows of products in collections, showing 2,3,4 or 5 products per row. Add your twitter feed, blog feed and content from any page. Even go full width and display an entire pages content. Add video, order the rows how you like, turn off the slider and much more. All done using theme settings, no coding needed.

Homepage slideshow

Now this really is special - in theme settings, select up to 5 different slides and add your text to the left, right, bottom (or no text at all) to each slider. You choose whether to have the big button, and what text to show in the button. Even the colour of the overlay and text can be changed to suit your own store. Every slide can have a link (if needed) and you can add both ALT text and Title text to each image. Of course, if you don't want the slideshow, you can disable it completely. You can even position it further down the page, below your product thumbs for example.

Precise colour selection

Choose colours faithful to your business and product range - backgrounds, fonts and buttons can all be changed.

Background images, full flexibility

Add your own background images, not only to the site, but also for the header and footer, all independently.

Google webfonts built-in

Access more than 500 fonts - full support for all Google webfonts built right into - just type in the names of one of the hundreds of fonts from Google and you're away! Choose fonts for store name, headings, links and body copy, all individually.


Social media sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. You can also link to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest Google+ and Tumblr pages.

Product close-ups

Collection page thumbs can zoom-in on your images, giving your visitor close-ups of all the products in a collection page. The product detail pages also have the zoom function, along with a lightbox gallery.

Drop-down menus

As many drop-downs as you like, all created simply in the navigation section of your store admin.

Contact, Newsletter & User Accounts

Built in contact form, newsletter registration in footer of every page and user-accounts enabled (log-in in header). These can of course be turned off if you don't need them, individually.

Here's a brief rundown of the settings you'll have control over:

Add your logo, adjust the position from the top and side, even make it a full width graphic if you like!


You can add background images to the header, body and footer, independently. Or just change the colours to suit your own style.


Choose to have the navigation aligned left, centre or right. Display the blog in traditional format, or in columns. Write your own tagline for your store, shows top left of every page.


Full control over your store colours gives amazing flexibility and literally thousands of combinations.


Select from our in-built fonts or choose from over 500 Google fonts.


Decide on how best to display your products - 2,3,4 or 5 per row in collections, number of rows and whether to show the zoom effect on thumbnails. Great flexibility to get the most out of your listings.


Social media sharing on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+. You can also link to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest Google+ and Tumblr pages.


A great feature of Shopify is the ability to add a thumbnail graphic for each of your collections. We've given the option to show these on the homepage, and include as many as you want simply by creating a linklist of the collections you want to show, that you've added an image to. The homepage options also allow you to add custom slides (up to 5) and add two rows of products from specific collections, you can even position these above the slider if you want!


Enable mailing list signup in your footer - Shopify captures the information for you to stay in touch with your customers. Automatically show your customers their recently viewed products - it's enabled in this demo store, so check it out!


Built right into the theme, allow your customers to calculate the cost of shipping at the checkout stage. Simple!


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